State Institution "Zaporizhzhia Regional Phytosanitary Laboratory"

st. East, 3-D
Zaporizhzhia city ( 69050 ) Ukraine
+38 061 769 88 40

+38 061 769 88 40

Quality Prog the laboratory is based on a quality programme following quality insurance principle YES
Lab accredited (ISO 17025) for certain activities? Accreditation is taken according to ISO 17025. Whenever possible, please indicate for which pests and methods the laboratory is accredited. If your laboratory is accredited for a large number of pests and methods, for the moment it is planned to enter a standard phrase 'contact the laboratory'. YES
Lab participates in test performance studies? Ring-testing (or interlaboratory comparison): any evaluation of the performance of one method in the testing of defined samples by two or more laboratories. YES
Lab participates in proficiency-testing Proficiency testing:
one measure of laboratory competence derived by means of an interlaboratory comparison by sending out defined samples.
Lab offers training in diagnostics? NO
Last update on 2023-02-17

Accreditation certificate number :
  • 2Н1168


Expert Level Organism Techniques used Years of
ANTONOVA Yulia species Globodera rostochiensis Morphological
ANTONOVA Yulia species Puccinia horiana Morphological
ANTONOVA Yulia species Stenocarpella maydis Morphological
ANTONOVA Yulia species Tilletia indica Morphological
MIGDAL Larisa species Ambrosia artemisiifolia Morphological
MIGDAL Larisa species Bemisia tabaci Morphological
MIGDAL Larisa species Callosobruchus chinensis Morphological
MIGDAL Larisa species Callosobruchus maculatus Morphological
MIGDAL Larisa species Ceratitis capitata Morphological
MIGDAL Larisa species Phthorimaea operculella Morphological
MIGDAL Larisa species Trogoderma granarium Morphological
MIGDAL Larisa species Tuta absoluta Morphological
Wedmedenko Wladimir species Ambrosia artemisiifolia Morphological
Wedmedenko Wladimir species Cenchrus longispinus Morphological

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