Laboratory of Plant Health and Microbiology, Estonian Agricultural Research Centre
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 Teaduse 4/6
 Saku, Harjumaa ( 75501 )
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 Lab accredited (ISO 17025) for certain activities?  YES
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AHMETZJANOVA Kristina species Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus
AHMETZJANOVA Kristina species Erwinia amylovora
AHMETZJANOVA Kristina species Ralstonia solanacearum
AHMETZJANOVA Kristina species Xylella fastidiosa
BRANDT Linda genus Alternaria
BRANDT Linda genus Ambrosia
BRANDT Linda genus Ascochyta
BRANDT Linda genus Aspergillus
BRANDT Linda genus Botrytis
BRANDT Linda genus Cladosporium
BRANDT Linda genus Colletotrichum
BRANDT Linda genus Cytospora
BRANDT Linda genus Drechslera
BRANDT Linda genus Erysiphe
BRANDT Linda genus Fusarium
BRANDT Linda genus Gliocladium
BRANDT Linda genus Monilinia
BRANDT Linda genus Penicillium
BRANDT Linda genus Peronospora
BRANDT Linda genus Pestalotiopsis
BRANDT Linda genus Phomopsis
BRANDT Linda genus Phyllosticta
BRANDT Linda genus Phytophthora
BRANDT Linda genus Puccinia
BRANDT Linda genus Pythium
BRANDT Linda genus Rhizoctonia
BRANDT Linda genus Septoria
BRANDT Linda genus Sphaeropsis
BRANDT Linda genus Tilletia
BRANDT Linda genus Typhula
BRANDT Linda genus Ustilago
BRANDT Linda genus Verticillium
BRANDT Linda species Colletotrichum acutatum
BRANDT Linda species Diaporthe vaccinii
BRANDT Linda species Fusarium circinatum
BRANDT Linda species Mycosphaerella dearnessii
BRANDT Linda species Mycosphaerella pini
BRANDT Linda species Phytophthora fragariae
BRANDT Linda species Phytophthora kernoviae
BRANDT Linda species Phytophthora ramorum
BRANDT Linda species Synchytrium endobioticum
BUKSHTUNOVICH Jelena species Globodera pallida
BUKSHTUNOVICH Jelena species Globodera rostochiensis
BUKSHTUNOVICH Jelena species Pepino mosaic virus
BUKSHTUNOVICH Jelena species Plum pox virus
BUKSHTUNOVICH Jelena species Potato A potyvirus
BUKSHTUNOVICH Jelena species Potato leafroll virus
BUKSHTUNOVICH Jelena species Potato M carlavirus
BUKSHTUNOVICH Jelena species Potato S carlavirus
BUKSHTUNOVICH Jelena species Potato virus X
BUKSHTUNOVICH Jelena species Potato Y potyvirus
ERMAKOVICH Valentina family Triozidae
ERMAKOVICH Valentina genus Bursaphelenchus
ERMAKOVICH Valentina genus Ditylenchus
ERMAKOVICH Valentina genus Globodera
ERMAKOVICH Valentina genus Mycosphaerella
ERMAKOVICH Valentina genus Phytophthora
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Alfalfa mosaic virus
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Anoplophora glabripennis
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Apriona germari
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Ceratitis cosyra
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Colletotrichum acutatum
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Cucumber mosaic virus
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Dendrolimus sp.
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Erwinia amylovora
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Globodera pallida
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Globodera rostochiensis
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Impatiens necrotic spot virus
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Liberibacter solanacearum
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Liriomyza trifolii
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Pepino mosaic virus
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Phytophthora kernoviae
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Phytophthora ramorum
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Phytoplasma mali
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Phytoplasma pyri
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Plum pox virus
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Potato A potyvirus
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Potato leafroll virus
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Potato M carlavirus
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Potato mop-top virus
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Potato S carlavirus
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Potato spindle tuber viroid
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Potato virus X
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Potato Y potyvirus
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Ralstonia solanacearum
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Sternochetus mangiferae
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Tobacco rattle virus
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Tomato apical stunt pospiviroid
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Tomato spotted wilt virus
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Tuta absoluta
ERMAKOVICH Valentina species Xylella fastidiosa
JEGOROVA Tatjana species Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus
JEGOROVA Tatjana species Erwinia amylovora
JEGOROVA Tatjana species Liberibacter solanacearum
JEGOROVA Tatjana species Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae
JEGOROVA Tatjana species Pseudomonas syringae pv. aesculi
JEGOROVA Tatjana species Ralstonia solanacearum
JEGOROVA Tatjana species Xylella fastidiosa
KOTSETOVA Valentina order Coleoptera
KOTSETOVA Valentina family Agromyzidae
KOTSETOVA Valentina family Aleyrodidae
KOTSETOVA Valentina family Diaspididae
KOTSETOVA Valentina family Noctuidae
KOTSETOVA Valentina family Psyllidae
KOTSETOVA Valentina family Pyralidae
KOTSETOVA Valentina family Thripidae
KOTSETOVA Valentina family Tortricidae
KOTSETOVA Valentina family Triozidae
KOTSETOVA Valentina genus Dendrolimus sp.
KOTSETOVA Valentina genus Monochamus sp.
KOTSETOVA Valentina genus Spodoptera
KOTSETOVA Valentina species Anoplophora glabripennis
KOTSETOVA Valentina species Apriona germari
KOTSETOVA Valentina species Apriona germari
KOTSETOVA Valentina species Bemisia tabaci
KOTSETOVA Valentina species Bursaphelenchus mucronatus
KOTSETOVA Valentina species Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
KOTSETOVA Valentina species Ceratitis capitata
KOTSETOVA Valentina species Ceratitis cosyra
KOTSETOVA Valentina species Ditylenchus destructor
KOTSETOVA Valentina species Helicoverpa armigera
KOTSETOVA Valentina species Leptinotarsa decemlineata
KOTSETOVA Valentina species Liriomyza trifolii
KOTSETOVA Valentina species Popillia japonica
KOTSETOVA Valentina species Rhizoecus hibisci
KOTSETOVA Valentina species Sternochetus mangiferae
KOTSETOVA Valentina species Tuta absoluta
LARIONOVA Maria genus Bursaphelenchus
LARIONOVA Maria genus Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus
LARIONOVA Maria genus Ditylenchus
LARIONOVA Maria genus Globodera
LARIONOVA Maria genus Mycosphaerella
LARIONOVA Maria species Erwinia amylovora
LARIONOVA Maria species Globodera pallida
LARIONOVA Maria species Globodera rostochiensis
LARIONOVA Maria species Phytophthora kernoviae
LARIONOVA Maria species Phytophthora ramorum
LARIONOVA Maria species Phytoplasma mali
LARIONOVA Maria species Phytoplasma pyri
LARIONOVA Maria species Plum pox virus
LARIONOVA Maria species Potato A potyvirus
LARIONOVA Maria species Potato spindle tuber viroid
LARIONOVA Maria species Potato Y potyvirus
LARIONOVA Maria species Ralstonia solanacearum
LARIONOVA Maria species Tomato apical stunt pospiviroid
OSSUL Ljudmilla species Globodera pallida
OSSUL Ljudmilla species Globodera rostochiensis
UFFERT Gabriela species Bursaphelenchus mucronatus
UFFERT Gabriela species Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
UFFERT Gabriela species Ditylenchus destructor
UFFERT Gabriela species Ditylenchus dipsaci
VAN DER SMAN Piret species Alfalfa mosaic virus
VAN DER SMAN Piret species Blackcurrant reversion virus
VAN DER SMAN Piret species Blueberry red ringspot virus
VAN DER SMAN Piret species Cucumber mosaic virus
VAN DER SMAN Piret species Hosta virus X
VAN DER SMAN Piret species Impatiens necrotic spot virus
VAN DER SMAN Piret species Onion yellow dwarf virus
VAN DER SMAN Piret species Pepino mosaic virus
VAN DER SMAN Piret species Plum pox virus
VAN DER SMAN Piret species Potato A potyvirus
VAN DER SMAN Piret species Potato leafroll virus
VAN DER SMAN Piret species Potato M carlavirus
VAN DER SMAN Piret species Potato mop-top virus
VAN DER SMAN Piret species Potato S carlavirus
VAN DER SMAN Piret species Potato spindle tuber viroid
VAN DER SMAN Piret species Potato virus X
VAN DER SMAN Piret species Potato Y potyvirus
VAN DER SMAN Piret species Tobacco rattle virus
VAN DER SMAN Piret species Tomato apical stunt pospiviroid
VAN DER SMAN Piret species Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus
VAN DER SMAN Piret species Tomato spotted wilt virus