State Institution "Kirovohrad Regional Phytosanitary Laboratory"
 LabID: labfitokr Country: Ukraine LastUpdate: 2019-01-29 09:36:26
 Yaroshenka street, 1
 Kropivnitsky ( 25019 )
 Phone: +380522270725 Fax: +380522270725  
 Follows a quality programme?  YES
 Lab accredited (ISO 17025) for certain activities?  YES
Accreditation certificate number:
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 Lab participates in test performance studies?  NO
 Lab participates in proficiency-testing?  NO
       Lab offers training in diagnostics?  NO
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KHROMUSHKINA Liudmyla species Caryedon gonagra
SHEVCHUK Halyna species Barley stripe mosaic virus
SHEVCHUK Halyna species Callosobruchus maculatus
SHEVCHUK Halyna species Diabrotica virgifera virgifera
SHEVCHUK Halyna species Hyphantria cunea
SHEVCHUK Halyna species Pantoea stewartii
SHEVCHUK Halyna species Quadraspidiotus perniciosus
SHEVCHUK Halyna species Wheat streak mosaic virus
TYKHONENKO Larysa species Acroptilon repens
TYKHONENKO Larysa species Ambrosia artemisiifolia
TYKHONENKO Larysa species Ambrosia trifida
TYKHONENKO Larysa species Cuscuta campestris
TYKHONENKO Larysa species Sorghum halepense
VDOVICHENKO Inna species Globodera rostochiensis
VDOVICHENKO Inna species Puccinia horiana
VDOVICHENKO Inna species Synchytrium endobioticum