DSMZ Plant Virus Department
 LabID: WINTERLAB Country: Germany LastUpdate: 2019-01-07 15:18:27
 Inhoffenstrasse 7B
 Braunschweig ( 38124 )
 Phone: +49-(0)5312616402 Fax: +49-(0)5312616455  
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MENZEL Wulf family Caulimoviridae
MENZEL Wulf family Potyviridae
MENZEL Wulf genus Carlaviruses
MENZEL Wulf genus Sequiviridae
MENZEL Wulf genus Umbravirus
WINTER Stephan genus Begomovirus
WINTER Stephan genus Crinivirus
WINTER Stephan genus Ipomovirus
WINTER Stephan genus Pospiviroid
WINTER Stephan genus Potyvirus
WINTER Stephan genus Rhabdovirus (unassigned)
WINTER Stephan genus Tospovirus