Agricultural Service Centre - DLR Rheinpfalz, Department of Phytomedecine
 LabID: RLP-DLR-NW Country: Germany LastUpdate: 2018-03-01 15:13:30
 Breitenweg 71
 Neustadt an der Weinstra├če ( 67435 )
 Phone: +49-(0)632167393 Fax: +49-(0)6321671387  
 Follows a quality programme?  YES
 Lab accredited (ISO 17025) for certain activities?  YES
Accreditation certificate number:
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  • D-PL-14428-01-00
 Lab participates in test performance studies?  YES
 Lab participates in proficiency-testing?  YES
       Lab offers training in diagnostics?  NO
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IPACH Ulrike species Grapevine fanleaf nepovirus
IPACH Ulrike species Phytoplasma solani
IPACH Ulrike species Xiphinema index
KRAUTHAUSEN Hermann-Josef species Erwinia amylovora
KRAUTHAUSEN Hermann-Josef species Iris yellow spot virus
KRAUTHAUSEN Hermann-Josef species Monilinia fructicola
WETZEL Thierry species Arabis mosaic nepovirus
WETZEL Thierry species Plum pox virus
WETZEL Thierry species Prunus necrotic ringspot virus